Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone Pre Booking Starting Soon


Recently on July 21, 2017, The Chairman of Reliance Industries Mr Mukesh Ambani had announced and launched Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone ( India Ka SmartPhone JioPhone) at Reliance AGM.

After Reliance Jio’s Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer, it is the another offer to all users, and Reliance Jio Phone is a feature phone in which all kinds of features are available.

Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Specifications

Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone

This Reliance Jio 4G Phone comes with these type of features:

  • 2.4″ inch QVGA Display
  • SD Card Slot (64GB Supported)
  • Voice Recognition
  • Torchlight
  • FM Radio
  • 4 Way Navigation
  • Microphone and Loud Speaker
  • Jio Apps
  • Panic Button ( Emergency Button)

Reliance Jio 4G Phone Plans

First of all, According to Mr Mukesh Ambani, “Reliance Jio 4G Phone” comes with a particular Jio Phone plan of Rs 153 Per Month, In this Special Plan users will get Free Unlimited High-Speed 4G Data (FUP 500Mb per day), free voice calls, SMS and also Jio Apps.

Reliance Jio also has the alternate plan, two sachet packs –

  1. Rs 24 for Two Days
  2.  Rs 54 per week

these packs are for those users who don’t to take Rs 153 Monthly Pack.

Users can also choose these sachets Packs or higher range plans like Rs 349, Rs 399, etc.

An Amazing feature of this phone is introduced by the Chairman, i.e.,

Reliance Jio Phone supports Mobile Mirroring on TV, by which users can see the mobile screen in Television and could be able to watch videos, stream JioTV, Jio Cinema Apps via Connectivity Cable which can connect LCD, LED and even old CRT TVs.

Customers have to pay to Rs 309 per month to get the full bundle ( Rs 153 per month pack and mobile mirroring ).

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Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone Price

Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone

According to Mr Ambani Reliance Jio, Phone Price is Rs Zero, which means this phone is Free, but there is a catch inside in it.

As a Security Money Reliance will collect Rs 1500 (which is fully refundable) from the users, who want to buy this phone, during the registration or booking of Jio Phone. So, After 3 Years those who want to replace mobile can deposit it on the Reliance Jio Store and can get refund amount of Rs 1500.

Reliance Jio Phone Pre-Booking

According to Mr Mukesh Ambani, From this Independence Day (15 August 2017) Reliance Jio Phone will be available to the Company’s members, Developers and other staff members for BETA Testing and From 24 August Pre-Booking for Jio phone will start.Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone

How to do Pre-Booking For Jio Phone-

  • By MYJIO Mobile App
  • Visit Official Website
  • Visit Nearest Jio Store

And From September, Users can buy the Jio Phone but for those who pre-booked the phone and can get through Jio Store on a first come first serve basis (likewise Jio Sim).

How to get Notification of Pre-Booking for Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone?

Reliance Jio will notify you when the Pre-Booking Start and when Jio Phone is available in your city.

This Notification can be in the form of Email and SMS.Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone

To get the information users have to follow these steps:

1. Visit Jio’s official website

2. Click on the Keep me posted Button, which is shown in the above image.

3. Fill all the required details and click on Submit button which is shown in the picture.

Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone

That’s it now you will get notified when the pre-booking or Jio Phone is available in your nearer city or area.

Earlier, Reliance Jio offers were restricted to the 4G  Smartphone users as it is 4G network only, and to make calls, the Smartphone has to support VoLTE feature, which is usually not in the basic mobile phones.

Therefore, Reliance Jio decided to change this era of VoLTE with the Jio Phone which comes with 4G VoLTE support. Reliance Jio 4G Mobile Phone has the Jio Apps like Jio Cinema, JioTV and Jio Music also. It’s a full combo for entertainment in basic feature phone with many unimagined features and specifications.

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