If you are not a Jio Prime member, These Packs Reliance Jio will give you

Jio Non Prime Plans

So, Those People who do not want to join in Jio Prime Membership Programme, Reliance has introduced Jio Non-Prime Plans for Non-Prime members, In which, Jio Non-Prime Customers will get less benefit for any recharge indeed than Jio Prime Membership Customers.

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So, you all are come here to get Jio Non-Prime Plans, Let’s get Started without wasting so much time

Reliance has introduced Jio Non-Prime Plans which are same at the cost of recharges as in Jio Prime Membership Plans.

Jio Non Prime Plans

So, As you can see these are Jio Non-Prime Plans which are not better than Jio Prime Membership Plans

Difference between Jio Prime and Non-Prime Plans

     Data Recharge Packs                            Jio Prime Members                                   Non-Prime Members
  1.  Rs 96/7Days                                7GB ( FUP @1GB/Day )                                           0.6GB
  2.  Rs 149/28Days                                        2GB                                                                           1GB
  3.  Rs 303/28Days                   Unlimited 28GB(FUP @ 1GB/Day)                          2.5GB
  4.  Rs 499/28Days                   Unlimited 56GB(FUP @ 2GB/Day)                              5GB
  5.  Rs999/60Days                                Unlimited 60GB                                                   12.5GB

*Post 4G data quota, customer will continue to get unlimited data at 128 Kbps

So These are the Plans for Non-Prime Members

Reliance has also introduced the Booster Packs for recharges. If you have run out of data in the middle of the month, you can take a data add-on to continue using the uninterrupted High-Speed Internet.

 Jio Prime Membership
At Last,
In my opinion, you should have to Join in Jio Prime Membership Because Prime Plans are much better than Non-Jio Prime Plan