How To Get Jio Caller Tune For Free For One Month

Jio Caller Tune

So, You have come here to know how to get Jio Caller Tune But If you have some doubt of Jio Prime Membership and its Plans then read these Articles

Moreover, If you have not Enrolled in Jio Prime Membership then this Article is for how to get Jio Prime Membership.

Now, Let’s Start How you can get Jio Caller Tune

There are many ways by which you can activate Caller Tune on Jio Number for free

  • By Calling Someone Who has activated caller tune on its Jio Number and then Press * Button, your Jio caller tune will also be activated.
  • By Sending SMS “JT” to 56789 then select a category which you want to activate Jio Caller tune, and choose your favourite Song.

The Caller Tune Activation Process is shown in the images step by step.


Jio Caller Tune.
Jio Caller Tune
1.  Send a message to 56789 type “JT”

  1. Choose a category
  2. Select the songs as per your need
  3. then after selection reply “Y”, your free Caller tune will activate




And Last, There is More way in which you can activate your Jio caller tune for free

  • Through JioMusic App

First all you have login into JioMusic by filling your account details or Just Click on  Skip Login and continue

Jio Caller Tune


Now choose any one song which you want to make that song as your caller tune.Jio Caller Tune

Then on the left side of the Player Queue List click on
three dots and then click on “Set as JioTune”.

You can also set by going to song player and click on “Set as JioTune”.


So these are three methods for activating Jio caller tune on your Jio Number for free.