Express Wi-Fi by Facebook to Brings 20,000 Hotspots in India

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

Finally, Express Wi-fi by Facebook has launched commercially in India. Express Wi-Fi by Facebook is one of its initiative to give internet connectivity in different countries. Express Wi-Fi by Facebook initiative runs under its program where they provide affordable internet access (Internet at low cost). Facebook and other social networking companies have been testing Express Wi-Fi service in the country since last year, and finally, it is here in India to bring affordable internet access and make a move to Digital India vision.

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

One of the Mark Zuckerberg’s initiatives is “Express Wi-fi by Facebook”; it is a global initiative of Mark to spread internet connectivity all around the world. Express Wi-fi was designed to give High-Speed Internet connectivity at very low cost (mobile data offerings), high bandwidth alternative for access to online content.

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Facebook is working towards empowering local entrepreneurs, ISP(Internet Service Provider) and telecom operators to offer affordable internet broadband services to understand the community. Said by “Mukesh Seth” Regional Head APAC, Facebook Connectivity Solutions.

Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

Munish Seth, Head of Connectivity Solutions, Facebook Asia Pacific, said,

“Express Wi-Fi is designed to complement mobile data offerings by providing a low-cost, high-bandwidth alternative for getting online and access apps, download and stream content. Our Express Wi-Fi partnerships empower local Indian entrepreneurs to start businesses to offer internet access to their town or region. They also help Indians connect to the internet easily and for an affordable rate.”

Seth Said “Express Wi-fi by facebook has been deployed in partnership with Airjaldi in Uttrakhand, LMES in Rajasthan, Tikona in Gujarat, and Shaildhar in Meghalaya, which will go live in two weeks. facebook worked closely with OEMs and technology players to bring down the cost of infrastructure”. “Express Wi-fi By Facebook”, wi-fi gateway integrates with the servers sitting in ISP premises and let them manage operations. It also Provides business analytics on performance and traffic on the site”.

This Express Wifi project of Facebook which has been in a pilot mode since 2015 has three Internet Service Providers partners who offer 700 hotspots across Uttrakhand, Gujarat, entrpreneursRajasthan and Meghalaya through entrepreneurs. Express Wi-fi is currently live in Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia as well.

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1. Airtel Partnerships with Express Wi-Fi by Facebook

Ajai Puri, Chief Operating Officer (India & South Asia), Bharti Airtel said, “We are delighted to be a part of this initiative to provide affordable access to high-speed data to users across India, particularly in the underserved segment. We believe this will help in empowering millions of Indians by bringing them online and contribute to the Government’s Digital India vision.”

2. How can you actually use Express Wi-fi Services?

Munish Seth Said “Anyone can get and access the Express WiFi network by signing up with an Express Wifi retailer and purchasing a daily, weekly or monthly data pack like digital vouchers priced at Rs 10-20 for a day or Rs 200-300 for a month or the data pack rate is set by our partners( ISP or telecom partners). “Then users will be able to connect to the Express WiFi hotspot, register/create an account. login and start browsing high-speed Internet.”

3. Speed of Express WiFi

Munish Seth Said “We will recommend ISPs based on our tests and usually the speed of the Wi-Fi has to be somewhat around 10mbps,

“Express Wi-Fi is basically aimed to help Indians to connect to the internet easily and at an affordable price in which users will get the minimum speed of 10Mbps.”

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