Aadhaar Pay – BHIM Aadhaar Payment App Launched

BHIM Aadhaar Payment App

BHIM Aadhaar Payment App 
launched on Friday, by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Aadhaar Pay App launched to promote Digital transaction in the country. This App works on the biometric-based payment system. ‘BHIM Aadhaar Pay App’ will allow users to make their personal and any other payments by using their fingerprint. To authenticate the biometric details of a user with Aadhaar database a Fingerprint Scanner is used.

BHIM Aadhar Payment App

BHIM stands for Bharat Interface for Money; Earlier BHIM App was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi During Demonetisation.

BHIM Aadhar Payment App

BHIM Aadhar Payment App

BHIM Aadhar Payment, This will enable Peoples to make payments without Debit/Credit Cards or Smartphones and to go cashless. ‘BHIM Aadhar Pay App’ will enable the merchants to get payments from their customers without any need of POS Machine or the E-Wallet. This App will automatically authorize the payments from their customers using his/her fingerprint, and the amount will directly transfer to the merchant savings bank account from the customer’s bank account.To Pay amounts merchants and the customers must have a valid Aadhaar Card which is Connected with their respective bank account.

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Download BHIM Aadhaar Payment App

To download the BHIM Aadhaar Payment Application merchants can download it from Google Play Store( If Available) or merchant can contact to their Bank branches. The App will be available for Android Devices, and Soon it also be available for iOS users.

BHIM Aadhaar Payment App

How BHIM Aadhaar Payment App Works

The Merchants would be required to download the ‘BHIM Aadhaar Payment App’ on their Android or iOS Smartphones and connected it to the Biometric Reader. The biometric reader is available for just Rs 2000. The customer who want to make payments, He/She need to enter their Aadhaar Number in the BHIM Aadhaar Pay App and then select their respective bank accounts from which they want to make payment.

After that, the Biometric Scanner, Scans your Fingerprint as password and make payment successful. While entering the Aadhaar Number, the App will automatically detect your bank account which is linked with your Aadhaar number. After that customers can select your bank to make payments as per their choice.

The working of BHIM Aadhaar Payment App can be easily understood, the use of this app is very easy and straightforward. The Customers who have e-KYC verified bank accounts would be able to make payments using this App.  While making payment to any merchant your thumb or fingerprint will be enough to make payments. To accept payments from customers, the only merchant needs to install  BHIM Aadhaar App in his/her Smartphone.

BHIM Aadhaar Payment Referral and Cashback Offers

The Government has Introduces Two Schemes

1. BHIM Referral Scheme (For Individuals)

To promote BHIM Aadhaar Pay, referral bonus scheme is introduced for existing BHIM users. The existing users should bring new users on the BHIM Aadhaar Pay platform and to encouraging the new users to do transactions using BHIM App or by referring to new users. In this Scheme, both referrer and the new user ( referee) will get paid. Rs 10 for Succesful referral,  Rs 25 for referral and transacting payments through BHIM App ( New Users).

2 BHIM Cashback Scheme (For Merchants)

The Merchants can also get the bonus as Cashback. For every transaction through BHIM Aadhaar Pay App, merchants will get a Cashback bonus and this scheme will run until 14 October 2017. The merchant can earn up to Rs 300 per month. The Government has prepared the deadline for this Scheme of Rs 495 Cr.

Benefits of BHIM Aadhaar Payment
  •  Customers don’t need Android smartphone to make payments.
  • No need to carry debit/credit cards
  • Forget about your PINs, MPINs and Passwords, only your thumb is required.
  • Easy, Secure and Instant Payment through Aadhaar bridge system (similar to AEPS).
  • Easily Affordable Payment gateway for the merchant as well as customers.

Do comment down below and let me know you like this App to make payments.