Google Announced New Android O Developer Preview

Android O Developer Preview

Recently on 21 March, Google Developers Releases New Android O Developer Preview Which Means Android 8.0 is on the way…

The Preview Version is now available for Google Pixel and Nexus Mobile Phones. Android is the World’s Biggest Operating System, that means it works on devices of every size, shape, and specification. Google just released a Developer Preview which means it is just a normal preview update. To get the feedback from the customers who purchased the Google Pixel and Nexus Mobile Phones. ‘Thus’ The Company announced that the developer preview of Android O will be the next version of its mobile operating system. The name of next Android Version 8.0 is Android O, But it is just a currently coded name, or Maybe it will be Android Oreo In my opinion When it’s Releases.

The ‘most important’ difference between the Android Nougat and Android O Developer Preview is that Once it Releases Google will Release the updates of Android O available to anybody those who wanted to try it and this will be surprisingly stable and very functional.

The developers who own a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL or Pixel C device will have to manually download and flash their devices. After a bit Furthermore testing with developers, Google will open enrollment into O through Android Beta.

Android O Developer Preview Release Date

The Android O release will be the next version of Android i.e., Android 8.0. Google has already shared a timeline for the release of the each preview build of the Android O. The Second developer preview will out in Mid-May, Next third in Mid-June and Finally the fourth in Mid-July. The Version of Android  O 8.0 will be out for supported Pixel, At the same time Nexus and Afterward Android One devices likely in late August or early September.


Android O Developer Preview


Some Interesting Updates

There are Some new interesting updates u need to check,

1. Notification

In the new version of the Android O, a new feature is adding called notification channels. This Feature will give the ability to the Developers for group notifications from their apps into groups. Furthermore, Users will then be able to manage those notification based on those channels.

2. Keyboard navigation

This is essentially a feature for Android Apps on Chrome OS and it will the developers to better support arrow and tab navigation in their apps.

3. New Wi-Fi features

A New Wi-Fi Feature is adding in the New Android O which support for a few (relatively) new connectivity features. The updated OS will support more Wi-Fi Aware features like Neighborhood Aware Networking (NAN), for example. NAN makes it easy for apps and devices to talk to each other without an internet access point in the middle (or any internet connectivity at all). Google says it is working with partners to bring support for NAN to devices “as soon as possible.”

4. Multi-display support

Next, Another New Feature is coming in the New Android O is Multi-Display Support, this is the interesting and one of the many new features that can see in new kinds of devices and Android on Chrome OS. By this feature, developers will now be able to launch any activity on a remote display.

5.Background Execution limits

This is the most important feature for improving battery life. Whenever an app runs in the background, it consumes some of the device’s limited resources, like RAM. This can result in an impaired user experience, especially if the user is using a resource-intensive app, such as playing a game or watching a video. To improve the user experience, Android O imposes limitations on what apps can do while running in the background. This document describes the changes to the operating system, and how you can update your app to work well under the new limitations

Meanwhile Do comment down below and let me know which name u will guess for Android O.